Slots in RPL


A slit or narrow opening, especially one for receiving something, as a coin or a letter. A slot is also the name of a type of ice hockey position where the player stands behind the face-off circle between the goal and the center of the rink. A slot can also refer to a job, an assignment, or a place in a sequence or series.

In RPL, slots are used to represent either single values or data sets that are solved for or set as part of a rule in a rulebased simulation. There are three types of slots: scalar, periodic, and table. Each has different configuration options and menu options. See View Menu for details. A scalar slot opens by default in the Slot Viewer (Scalar). You can show it in its own Open Slot dialog box by undocking it. A scalar slot has two configuration options: units and display format. The display format is determined by whether the scalar slot is configured to Lookup or Interpolate. A scalar slot can be selected and its selection statistics displayed using View, then Show Selection Statistics.

Periodic slots are tables that are used to represent periodic data that repeats at a fixed time interval. For example, a set of evaporation coefficients for a reservoir might be entered into a periodic table to represent the variation in rate with temperature and wind speed that vary seasonally. The columns of the periodic table are used to represent the datetimes and the data values are shown in the rows. The table can be sorted and edited with standard table editing tools. The row headers contain a label for the period and interval and there are icons and buttons that can be used to display/hide display compression and notes.

The table also contains a column for the aggregation type and the corresponding aggregation operator. These are the default operators for the column, although you can define your own.

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